Welcome to the family…

With many years of experience in San Diego, Speranza invites you to the new 2019, with new teams, events, performances, etc. If you are ready to join one of our Salsa teams, we are here to help you take your dancing to the next level!

There is NO AUDITION process, you just need to register and we will schedule a date for you to meet with your team members/director and get your journey started!

Please make sure you keep reading and fill the registration form in order to be contacted to join one of our teams, remember we have teams for all levels, VERY affordable fees, & many many more perks… Ready?


What’s a performance team?
It’s a group of dancers in a very similar level, training & practicing every single week on a new choreography / routine, also we take weekly classes together to improve our dance level.
How long is the season?
January to May 2019

What’s the weekly commitment of being in a team?
The average dancer spends around 2-3 hrs per week at our dance studio.

What are the extra expenses?
Team Uniform T-Shirt $15 / Due at registration - Free for College Scholarships
Costumes for performance season / Due on May
Dance Shoes / No due date, up to dancer when to get them

What’s the monthly fee and what includes?
Each team has a different price, but our teams start at $65/mo (Most affordable Fee in San Diego) and includes team rehearsals + unlimited dance classes, per month! Best deal in town!

Do you have questions, want more information or you are ready to register?
Please fill the form below and we will get back to you ASAP!




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