• What's the difference between the $59.99/month-to-month Membership and the $44.99/Subscription Membership?
    R: In classes, NONE! You get all the unlimited classes in your level, the difference is that in your Subscription Membership your spot is always SECURED and you will NEVER have to worry about payments again, all your monthly payments happen automatically every 30 days from the day you subscribed!
    In the $44.99/month-to-month, you must register every month manually before the day 5th of each month, there's no automatic payment commitment and we can also get Sold Out, this is pretty common.

  • What happens if I still have issues to register, can I do it at the studio?
    R: For automatic payments it’s ONLINE ONLY registration process, If you have any issues with your online registration please contact our Support Team HERE.

  • If I enroll for $44.99/mo do you charge registration or cancellation fees?
    R: Nope, we never charge registration fees and/or cancellation fees, if you Subscribe for Unlimited Classes for $44.99 you can cancel online whenever you desire or you can email us HERE, and we can cancel your registration ASAP! Remember you have to do it before your next payment day in order for us to be able to cancel for you. No refunds.

  • If I enroll for the $59.99/month-to-month, is there any extra or automatic charges in the future?
    R: Never, when you pay for one month, you are only paying for the current active month, we do not make recurrent charges.

  • How much are individual classes, for me to try it out?
    R: Only $10 per class! You do not need to pre-purchase individual classes, just arrive 5 min before class to our studio and done! You pay at the front desk.

  • What happens if I do not like the class, do you have refunds?
    R: We do not make refunds on classes or memberships. If you have recurrent payments with us, you can always cancel anytime before your following payment lands.


  • What classes should I take?
    R: All students must take classes in their dance level. Ex: Beginners = Level 1

  • How do I know what level am I?
    R: If you have never taken classes before we highly recommend to enroll in level 1

  • What do I have to wear for classes?
    R: Comfortable clothing, sportswear is the most common outfit.

  • What type of shoes are allowed?
    R: If you do not have the proper dance shoes we ONLY accept tenis shoes -or- sneakers
    No high heels or dressing shoes please

  • What is the minimum age to enroll?
    R: We accept registrations from 18+ years old

  • Is there an age limit?
    R: No, all adult ages welcome