STUDENT POLICY 2019 - 2020



Listed below are Speranza Dance Co. Policies, Rules, and Guidelines. All team members and students enrolled at our studio/company agree to ...

I agree to represent myself as a positive role model and show respect for all involved at SDC including teammates, directors, and staff. I will respect classroom boundaries. I understand that negative behavior of any sort is not permitted. I pledge to have good communication with the Instructors as needed. I pledge to be on time for classes and rehearsals and not exceed the time limits set. I understand that payments are run online through my account monthly. I understand that classes and rehearsals are subject to change or cancellation at any time. I understand that Speranza dancers are hardworking artists who need to be emotionally healthy, so I will be respectful, positive and supportive! I agree that if I fail to abide by any of these rules listed above that I may be subject to, but not limited by the following disciplinary actions: Verbal Warning and Immediate Dismissal.


In SDC we believe that discipline begins with preparation for rehearsals. Please read our strict Uniform Policy carefully:
Dance Uniform: a must for all dancers during every rehearsal without exception. For women, a Speranza Dance T-Shirt or V-Neck and black leggings are required. For men, a Speranza Dance T-Shirt and black pants for the gentlemen are required.
Dance Shoes: proper dance shoes must be worn during the entirety of each and every rehearsal for safety purposes. Should you have any injury or pain, make sure to communicate this with your co-director so that any necessary measures can be taken.


In order for dancers to progress in the program/team enrolled, regular attendance is extremely important. If a student needs to be absent, they must contact their director personally and let them know. Dancers agree that SDC has the right to automatically drop dancers who have not attended -or- missed 6 rehearsals during a season. Rehearsals are once a week, meaning that dancers cannot miss 6 weeks of rehearsals in a 12-week program.


In order to be warmed up and prevent injury, please arrive on time. Tardy students may be asked to warm themselves up before participating in class. If a student is more than 15 minutes late to class or rehearsal, they may be asked to sit out for the entire class unless previously agreed.


Due to our quest for improvement, every team will have extra rehearsals scheduled during certain weekends. They will be announced 7 days ahead of the anticipated date and every member must make an honest effort to attend to every single extra rehearsal.


SDC is a "paper-less" studio. After successful completion of your debit or credit card registration online,  team tuitions will be run automatically every 30 days with the card on file. If a card is declined, a $5 fee will automatically be charged the following month. If any dancer decides to drop a team due to disinterest, over-scheduling, injury, work, relocation, etc., SDC encourages you to contact your Speranza director to cancel the monthly membership before the payment goes through as we have a No Refund Policy.


All our team members are encouraged to attend the Festivals and Congresses planned for your team during its current season. Every dancer performing with SDC in an event agrees to and must purchase their Full Pass through our website or with cash at the studio with your Co-Director. No exceptions.


All cell phones should be turned off. Cell phone use is not allowed during rehearsal time.


Any dance choreographed by any instructor at SDC is the sole property of SDC and cannot be used anywhere other than performances and events coordinated by SDC (unless permission is given by SDC in writing).


Please do not bring observer friends or family while class or rehearsal is in progress.

Speranza Dance Company does not provide refunds of any kind of card, cash or automatic payments and gear purchase including Full Passes for any reason. This includes illness, injury, relocation, vacation, missed classes, etc., as we work with third-party businesses and corporations with whom we have the same agreements with. This policy also applies to any studio fees, registration fees, recitals, costumes, tuition and more. No exceptions.

I have had sufficient opportunity to read this entire document and acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above Terms and Conditions.